Dauphin'sonArt: Art Events Organisation

"The artist is above all a sensitive soul...able to transmit emotions".

Florence Rovidati

Dauphinson'Art choose emerging artists with great talent (all professionals and for the majority degree in Art Academy) complementary between them in style, technic and cost, to give a greater choice to the public.
Dauphinson'Art as art consultant moves at clients home to help them to find a location for the artwork and can also recommends personalised commands.
Dauphinson'Art organises appointments in the artists' studio.
Dauphinson'Art attends the artist to the client with some works previously selected so that he can visualize them inside his house or in another place.
Dauphinson'Art regularly organises, at home of people (for private celebrations) and in "il mio Salotto d'Arte" ("my Art Living Room") with a garden space in Rome, workshops for adults and children, exhibitions and performances realised by artists (for more info see FB profil).
Dauphinson'Art makes the promotion of artists aboard and specially in France (Lyon, Paris) where artists caught the attention of art collectors and art professionals.